How to Order

Mining with zcash have become easier and stable that was not before. We introduced Equihasher A1 and A2 in the market for fast efficient and stable mining.There are many people who contacted us previously about How to order equihasher:

Here are the steps how to order equihasher:

1. Click on the above section of my account or click to begin

2. Register your account if already register click login to proceed.

3. After successful completion of login click shipping and billing address and enter your details

4. In billing and shipping address their is *company name* you can write your name as well or leave it blank.Many people got confused last time and email us to confirm it.

5.  Click on shop in the above section and add to cart or read the description of product and proceed to checkout.

6. Write any notes you want special notes for delivery.

7.  Click on place order and you will be redirected to payout.


8. Confirmation email will be sent with all the details and order will be confirmed.

All the equihasher A1 and A2 are delievered with in 11-14 days. Free shipping method with tracked.

Mining with zcash is most profitable Zcash provide extra security or privacy where all transactions are recorded and published on a blockchain, but details such as the sender, recipient, and amount remain private.

It have gained much than any other altcoin in a short period of time see this click here statistics.

Is it profitable to mine Zcash?

Mining with zcash using equihasher A1 or A2 is most profitable. People get much more with equihasher than any other mining equipment.It is designed for High roi(return on investment).A1 and A2 both provide efficient and stable mining. You can checkout this A1 click here A2 click here.

Z cash can be exchange in many other currencies with high rate at poloenix ,Bter and many other numerous exchanges are available in market.

Remember: Do not overclock more than 20%. In case of burn or altering the miner will void warranty.


For any problem and queries cantact us immediately we help to solve your problem [email protected]